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20 May Friday

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Pictures for Today

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A couple of sideshow videos to start the day, both from my trip to Australia last weekend.  (JRinTawa)
First photos from the Southern Highlands Steamup hosted by Rails in the Garden at Bowral, NSW, in the Southern Highlands of Australia, over the weekend of 13th to 15th May 2016.
It was an excellent weekend, a real feast of live steam on both 32mm and 45mm gauge.  hehe and a feast of Jacks.

Southern Highlands Steamup 2016 Slideshow

Then on Monday I visited a railway I've viewed on line for years and on G Scale Central, Greg Hunter's Sandstone and Termite Railway.  He's made such a good job of capturing an Australian feel to the railway in his own unique way.  So pleased I finally got to see the railway in person.  The Darj B was a visiting local Keith's.  Greg's stock are the rest, all battery powered.
It's well worth visiting the Sandstone and Termite Railway website at 
or his Youtube channel at

Sandstone and Termite Railway

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