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24 June Friday

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Another small step completed this evening, a belt driven generator added into to rafters of the sawmill.  The generator will be providing power to an electrically powered docking saw that will be sited in a small shelter adjacent to the mill.  Would it have been done this way back then, well I'm not sure but the docking saw is only doing cross cuts and it's motor wouldn't be much bigger than an industrial 10"benchsaw and then not in continuous use either. 

A switch board has been added alongside the boiler, it looks a bit naff in the photo but once the roof is on you can't really see it anyway.  Hmm come to think of it once the roof is on you won't really be able to see the generator either - but I know it's there.

Lizzie in action (CB)

Things are agrowing!

The WWNR - a bit of ballasting at 'Summit' and a bit of track laying (under the trees during a shower)

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