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April 2018

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Pictures for the month 

The next project - an MDC Hustler being stretched (Rhino)

The track rubbing from the previous line. (Paul Milner)

Namu is almost complete, still some detailing and weathering to do, of and couplings.  Exciting though.  (JRinTawa)

Cab's come up well I feel, just enough room for my fingers.  

Later in the month - 15th April - Namu has now been steam, a very beginners steaming yesterday with a much more successful but still very much learning steam today. 

Fire, we have fire!

And here we are, on Sunday 29th, the learning has progressed to full runs with train in tow.  Believe me not all was as in control as the video may imply!

Namu in Steam

A little video of my Wittenberg-Schafer loco on a blustery day. At the end of the last take, the heavens opened! (CB)

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