14 January Thursday

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Accucraft Forney Catching the sun (ShawnV)

YouTube Video

Not quite garden railways today, and yet not quite full size railway either and yet it is both in some ways.  Rode of the private 15" gauge Driving Creek Railway (tramway to you and me) http://www.drivingcreekrailway.co.nz
A bit hard to get decent photos while on the train but hopefully this will give you some idea of what it is like.

It was built almost single handed by Barry Brickell, initially to carry clay for his potteries but grew to become a significant tourist operation.  Several switch backs, two spirals 

and a double deck bridge as it winds up hill.

Rolling stock is all custom built, todays trains being not unlike modern articulated trams!

One of the switch backs.  Maximum grade is 1:14!

Lots of bridges too! (JRinTawa)

After plow duties (ShawnV)

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