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27 March Sunday

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Visited a large Gauge 1 (Marklin) railway this morning, it's in the early construction phase but what an empire it will be.

Base around the Saxony area with a mix of standard gauge and narrow gauge i.e. 45mm and (I think) 32mm gauge at 1:32.

The owner, a heck of a nice guy, has done a lot of research and there is a 15 year construction plan.  It's going to be a busy 15 years!

DCC controlled.  Oh yes and it's two layered with CCTV covering some areas.  (JRinTawa)

Meanwhile at the H&MGR I had a second batch of folks visit this afternoon for a layout tour.  All small scale modellers but hopefully I made the right impression.

Railway and garden really not looking the best after a couple of months of really dry weather and now the start of Autumn but at least the trains ran well.

I was help by local WGRG member Chris Drowley who ran a couple of his live steamers in turn while the Dubs A circulated.  To hard running my own steams while talking and explaining the railway.

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