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28 March Monday

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Finally got frustrated enough with the Piko turnout on the key spot on the Y junction not self setting reliably in the way the rest of the Piko turnouts installed do.  Though I must have got some cement into the pivot screws under the blades or something similar.  I tried first with stronger over centre spring on the tie-bar to no avail.  So no option but to break out the weak mortar that the turnout had been set in.  I had though thought ahead a little when laying the turnout in that the sub grade had been poured first so once the outer mortar was broken away the turnout lifted out without having to break all the mortar away between the sleepers.  

Anyway problem was the pivot screws as predicted but not bound up with cement, no cement had got near them, the screws where simply to tight.  They have now been loosened a turn, given a coat of grease then a sealing screen of silicone.  It's now back in place and appears to be working how it should.  Some more trails needed before I re-mortar, and this time I'll put some clink wrap down first so next time maintenance is needed I should just need to undo the split-jaw clamps and lift out turnout complete with mortar.  Fingers crossed.  (JRinTawa).

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