29 September Tuesday

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Pictures for Today

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While Chris has been meticulously putting his Garden Rail Jack together, including a perfect paint job in last minute green, on the other side of the world a coal-fired Jack has emerged which looks quite different. As far as the paint job goes, Coal-fired, or "Grubby Jack" was carefully painted in fully lined "Midland Railway Express style". After this, grime and dirt was applied all over the loco in an attempt to represent 50 years of hard work. If nothing else, the loco certainly looks well used!
A Slomo was built in to this locomotive and it has made a huge difference to performance and control. Having been ruined by the wonderful sounds of a Summerlands Chuffer in gas-fired engines, coal-fired locos have been a little disappointing in the chuff department. I have managed to stumble across an improvement however by tweaking the angle of the blast up the chimney. More experimentation will be undertaken.

Attached are a couple of photos and a video. I have to ask for forgiveness for the rickety track and the ho-hum line side detail, especially after seeing Shawn's wonderful track in his video yesterday, and other delights such as Johns sawmill and so on!  .....Brian

YouTube Video

Did a big of ballasting with Rowlands mix on the leg of the Y junction that is on plastic composite decking.  Well my version of Rowlands mix anyway being 1 part sand, 1 part peat moss and 1 part cement and then missed with water once laid.  The hope is that as the track is so close to the ground that the ground cover will bush up again and it will the look like and embankment.

Jackson Sharpe No 360 - our carriage (Rhino)

..... and the inside (Rhino)

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