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Friday 7th October

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From the "what I've been up to lately file".  Firstly trialing some rather nice ground throws from Modellbau Heyn  While I think they are intended for LGB and Piko turnouts they are a straight fit onto my Aristocraft turnouts.  Though on the second I have I'm going to try an alternative idea I have to kind of over throw the lever, it works in my mind - which is a worry ;-)

Also making slow progress on remodeling Ngahere's cab.  Working on the window frames coping the method for wooden window frames I used on Kaitaki.  Uses two laters of 3mm wide 0.5mm thick stripwood cut from a piece of veneer wood.  Very slow process but surprisingly stron once complete.  (JRinTawa)

Oh and I'm not really sure my frames are prototypical in 12 inch to the foot railways but they are prototypical on the H&MGR ;-)

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