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Coaches for a Ffestiniog "Funny Train"

posted 11 Apr 2010, 08:43 by John St James   [ updated 11 Apr 2010, 08:46 ]
Added by Peter Bunce

I have a long term plan for what the late David Jenkinson called a 'funny train' - NO not a derogatory term, but train of different period etc to the rest of the layout stock. My period is 1880 American Narrow Gauge, so that description is perfect for what I want! 

That is hopefully, that is a Festiniog Railway train in 1880 livery (coach colours as LNWR, loco colours as Midland!) with the original Taliesin on the front, - now which make for the coaches? Brandbright, or IP? 

Bug boxes would be at the front, so some fiddlin' would have to be done to get 45mm wheelsets in in (raise the floor a bit?) and a Ashbury coach or two (IP say they will make some - when I don't know, I may see Ivan at the Portmadog show and ask him) There is also a differece in scale I think the peculiar scale (18.35mm per foot?)is used by IP. 

I have a Stainz that will be the chassis for 'Tal' have you any ideas re the coaches at all please? I think it will be one or t'other as they will not mix!