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posted 23 May 2010, 07:35 by David Turner
I am constructing a composite first/first third coach and have come to the decision point about one issue on which I seek guidance. One little tiny piece of me would like to build the windows of the third compartment open enough to allow some child or drunken third class oik to hang his head out. The walls are laminated with, as the filling of the sandwich, a glazing spacer which hold the glass panes perfectly without glue. It would be no problem to cut away the base of each window space to permit the glass to sit lower. The leather strap would be shorter of course by an appropriate amount and the wooden droplight surrounds would be cut to suit and the now visible top edge would need something as simple as paper to accept paint. Now, what I need to know is this. How far down would the window drop inside the door? All the way? The leather strap seems to suggest that and if I assume that you had no handle inside and therefore needed to lean out to open the door on arrival, it would be a pain to have it less than fully down.
If I mount it fully down, I don't need to use the acrylic at all, merely to insert a small piece of painted ply to suggest a window top. Part of me thinks that it would look less like a missing window if I had it just a bit up.
Your thoughts, one and all? I thank you.