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On the Earl/Countess, why is there blanking plug on the pressure gauge banjo?

posted 7 Mar 2010, 03:25 by John St James   [ updated 7 Mar 2010, 03:51 ]
See photo

Here is is from another angle. It's on the top left of the picture below and serves no obvious purpose. The Lawley and Caradoc don't have it. It's obviously for a steam take-off of some sort and very handy too. Just not sure exactly what for. For example a nice little servo-controlled dummy draincock valve would be possible but I very much doubt if Accucraft are in the business of adding neat little extras like that. A take-off for the whistle would be possible but the DJB whistle has its own banjo. Maybe Accucraft were intending to add a whistle?