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Whistles and Draincocks

posted 14 Jul 2010, 08:51 by David Turner
I have spent a pleasant afternoon sorting out the atcuation of Lady Anne's whistle, an Bangham mounted under the footplate on the left. The lever is mounted on the rear cab wall and activated by a length of nylon fishing line that passes through a brass tube to a servo in the right tank. A hard tube passes across th cab at chest height to the lever and a soft tube runs from there down to the whistle. Heath Robinson would be proud.
I fancy a cab mounted one which DJB now do specifically for Lady Anne but am in doubt about it. Will it sound like it oughter? Where will the lever go? How can I get a simple link from a smaller servo to the lever? Where would that servo go?
I fancy fitting a whistle to my Argyll too. Has anyone any experience of that?
Automatic draincocks seem a good idea. Are they? I would be frit about drilling and tapping into the floor of my cylinders, though i suppose RH would cheerfully sell me more if I loused it up. I'd like the collective view about this too.