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The Month of July

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Pictures for Today

The MDC Hustler with R/C control (Rhino)

RC bits and pieces fitted under Namu's roof.  A couple of slight changes since the sideways photo (opps) but you get the idea.  (JRinTawa).

And now in the loco the right way around!

And from the other side.  Once I fit a rolled up canvas back sheet things will be hidden enough in normal operation viewing angles.

9th July up date n Namu's RC.  A bit of tiding up around the installation and added a rolled canvas cab back...

...which has passed the smile test.  Now if it would stop raining maybe I could test the look in steam!  (JRinTawa)

Testing of Namu continues, as does my coal firing learning curve.  The RC on the regulator worked a treat. 

Namu Regulator RC Testing.

.and so the sunshine goes on....   (Rhino)

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