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Week 14th January

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Pictures for Today

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A video of activity over the first few days of 2018 on the H&MGR.

New Year on the H&MGR

And in the workshop things are progressing slowly on assembly of by DJB Model Engineering coal fired saddle tank kit.  underframe assemble to painting stage.  Saddle tank and cab all soldered up, here with a trial fit to see how things look.

Rivets riveted into the buffer beam and a scratch build coupler pocket to take my preferred Slater's chopper couplings made.

There was lots of tricky soldering on the saddle tank, lots of thinking needed each time before firing up the micro-torch.  (JRinTawa)

Where we'd all like to be:                                                                                (John Roach)

A couple of shots for John (R) - from the WWSR showing the aluminium bridge

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