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Week 15th January

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Pictures for Today

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The week, train wise, for me started with the monthly WGRG running afternoon at the Taita Gorge Railway.  First photo is visiting 7/8th's scale models.

I ran my LGB field railway O&K loco with train load of Binnie Skips for a while.

Otto had a steam to, with that train load of skips, here passing some of the hosts rolling stock.

Last one, several Bachmann rail trucks ran at the end of the afternoon, here one of Phil's passes the local store.  (JRinTawa)

Sneaked a photo of 'Warter' while the driver wasn't looking.
JR refers to the scenery on our line as being 'borrowed'.
(Paul - Sunnyfield Rly)

Took the Accucraft Shay out for some plow maintenance on Monday. (ShawnV) 

I was all set to run a train after tea last night then it started raining....again.  Not the usual Kiwi summer, still did motivate me to finish fitting the crew into Ngahere and risk just the merest bit of dry brush weathering.  I'll need to view outside to see if it passes the smile test or needs a bit more.  If more I think it will be chalks and an overspray, but not to much as I only want a lightly weathered effect.  (JRinTawa 20th Jan)

Double headed Connies (Rhino)

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