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Week 15th October

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Pictures for Today

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Otto now has a corrugated iron roof!

Always a relief when a cunning plan actually ends up looking pretty much how I imagined.

Slow and steady soldering up, a little at a time with the micro-torch.  Not the prettiest job but more would the prototype be, if there was one of course!  (JRinTawa)

A mild October day required trains to be run (Rhino)

Tricky job this evening, setting Otto's bearings which were unfortunately a little sloppy in fit.  Photo is after the second attempt, first attempt with just gap filling Loctite I wasn't happy as I tried to set the quartering.  This time I'd wrapped a little bit of thread seal tape, tested the fit, which passed, then slipped bearings out again, re-tapped then reinserted with a Loctite again.  

A little 'Pew' Movie in case you have trouble sleeping :-)  (CB)

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