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Week 16th April

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Not much train running lately due to Autumn being even wetter than the wet summer we had in Tawa.  But it has given me time to work on the hand laid/spiked track for Puddle Pond bridge.   Testing the fit today.

Next up is sleepers onto the curved track at each end, a closer view of the north end.

The straight over the bridge done in a typical jig.  Perhaps the fishplates not quite so typical :-o  (JRinTawa)

Progress on Sadie's Sodas (Rhino)

Monday - The last sleeper about to be spiked in place (no kitchen inches were harmed in the process ;-)  )

The old track is no more, and the new has been glued on the the structure with silicone (remember the sides are just cosmetic the real work being done by an aluminium channel.)   Hook or "J" bolts on the end of the sleepers fastening the sleepers to the bridge structure (on the prototype) will be done in the workshop (there is now a drop cloth over the new kitsch bench).  Then it can all be finally positioned on a bed of mortar over the abutments.  (JRinTawa).

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