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Week 1st January

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Pictures for Today

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Less than summery weather has prevent train running on the H&MGR until today, and even then it was only a short run when the showers stopped at 5pm.

Still better to have a short Bush Jigger run than no run at all :-)  (JRinTawa)

After the tree felling before Christmas, I did manage to arrange a few rocks that I had in stock (saved from a neighbour's skip). I also had a few plants - so it pretty soon blended in - until I put the pea gravel on! That matches all the rest and will need to weather. I removed the church but retained the war memorial. (CB)

Just to put it in context, this is what it looked like before:

I'm still messing about with buildings - the first attempt at abutting these two buildings did not go right, nor the second, third etc - but I think they're nearly there now.

I made this video last December for the Steam In The Garden Steamie awards.  Now that the results are done (Next issue will have the winners) I can post it.  I was hopping to have snow for it but it was a very mild December.  

YouTube Video

I need to get a new advert off to 16mm Today so I did set up a few photos using Bodkin and some Rob Bennett/Si Harris and hybrid figures. it shows th trouble you get into if you order the wrong Chuffer (the SCGP2 is NOT the correct one for the QH). Its amazing what you can do with only one Chuffer of any sort in stock! (CB)

Today (Friday 6th) I ran Jonny to test out some servicing including work on the motor.  Don't think it's still 100% so I redo the service but it's way better than before.

I did manage to steam last week - though the light was poor. Here is a steamy photo of Bodkin in action (CB)

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