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Week 24 September

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Pictures for The Week

A sunny Sunday (Rhino)

Progress on Otto in the H&MGR workshops.
Gas tank given a cladding of shim brass imprinted with rivets and a bodged filler lid to make it look vaguely like a riveted water tank.  Just don't look too close!

The lid is hinged so filling the gas.  Both the filler lid arrangement and the shim brass being stuck onto the gas tank with black silicone.  (JRinTawa)

Having made the coal wagons out of bamboo pen pots, I decided to have a go at a crazy Overseer's Wagon (CB)

Then Mike Brown, in Spain, suggested that it might be motorised. I had another pen pot so I started again - this time it is an Inspection Wagon and is still work in progress....

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