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Week 24th December

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's line in Evesham

Pictures for Today

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A week late but below is a slideshow from a small Gauge One steam up in Auckland.  Infiltrated by a bit of 16mm and my Otto.  (JRinTawa)

NZ Gauge 1

Whilst 2017 was a year of "staring and thinking" as far as my garden was concerned, I have managed
some running on other lines                                                                                                                (John Roach)

My Lady Anne running on Phil Coopers line in Evesham:

Slightly arty shot at the same line:

The Caradoc at Dave Turner's line in Malvern:

Good job we ran a train yesterday, not today....                                                        (John Roach)

By popular demand - available for hire !! (Rhino)

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