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Week 2nd July

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Pictures for The Week

Progress on the tender (Rhino)

Progress on Otto is slow, but getting there.  Boiler bands fitted now. (Sorry about the sideways image, the image file just doesn't want to play the game.)

I cut little bits of 1.5x2.5mm brass angle to solder onto the ends of the brass strip so I could tighten them with M1 bolts.  More time thinking about how to cut and drill them than making a jig to do it....

...and hour to make the jig and 15 minutes to cut the 6 pieces.  Perhaps the modern way of drawing up on CAD then 3D printing but something satisfying about simple jigs, little drills and a piecing saw :-)  (JRinTawa)

I have now finished the tender - not too bad (Rhino)

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