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Week 8th October

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Pictures for Today

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Further progress on Otto.  Progress is slow, but that is how the H&MGR workshop does things!  (JRinTawa)

To get the roof shape I needed to curve some 3mmx1.5mm brass rod but I don't own a set of rollers.  Time for a cunning plan after annealing the first one and bending by eye.  Salvage 3 wagon wheels for the pile of stuff left over from my S scale days, some M2 bolts tapped into an old cutting board.  So after annealing more rod and some approximate bending then passing through the bodged rollers a much better result then bending by eye.  (JRinTawa)

The Isle of Man is train heaven (Rhino)

Manx Electric Railway 3ft gauge, with the (ahem, not running !! ) Snaefell Mountain Railway's 3ft 6ins track on the left.

Isle of Man steam railway (the leading coach is ex-Manx Northern Railway) loco is No 13 'Kissack'

It’s been a while, but for this past week there has been a flurry of activity on the bench. I bought a very tired looking Merlin Mayflower at the association show in 2016 from a sadly passed hobbyist. (Mark Pengelley) Image from sale advert.

My plan is to restore her to her former original self and use her on a fairly regular basis. She currently runs and has good valve measurements. The first step was a clean! Sharing a shower with my very old Lady Anne that is also getting some tic. (Mark Pengelley)

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