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31 July Saturday

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Pictures for Today

Track power and battery power this cloudy afternoon on the H&MGR.

Climax on track power (standard Aristo TE).  8 wheels of pickups means she isn't to worried that apart from my usual damp rag track wipe down there has been no track cleaning for several weeks!

And I did threatened more Dubs A pictures - there were almost enough pictures yesterday - but you were warned!
The Dubs on battery/Revolution control

Finn McCooil was under test today - failed after about 10 yards, turned out to be the r/c batteries, hadn't taken a charge! Not sure if the prob is my charger or the (new) cells!  So, an old photo......(NHN)

Ian (peninsok)

Further progrss with the log house as the second one is ready for windows etc

"it's the rhino tribe"

Admin Notices 

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