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06 April Wednesday

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Pictures for Today

The sleeper built mess hut for the interchange siding loaders and shunters in situ. Goods yard manager Ianto Rees is explaining to "Benny" Morgan how British Railways (Western Region) might not be too keen on carrying his barrels of unspecified alcoholic beverage as part of his recent idea to reach a wider audience. Quite apart from the possibility of attracting the attentions of HM customs and excise, Benny still hasn't explained how a leaking barrel led to the floor of WGLR open No.14 melting to nothing in the space of an hour. Benny's girlfriend Dianne drinks a pint of the stuff every night and it's never done her any harm.
No-one can remember how Benny came by his nickname? (Mel)

Here is a quick snap from this afternoon's session at Roy Wood's railway. After some serious chuffing, I ran the silent (except for some spitting and popping Finescale Hunslet. (CB)

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