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07 April Thursday

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Pictures for Today

A couple more photos from the very verdant Holt Wood Light Railway - first the modified Billy

And here is Yeo with all the L&B stock on. (CB)

Latest Thomas truck conversion (not re-gauged yet). I know that Neil R is a fan of hand lettering, so I thought I'd show you this pretty extreme example. It's by no means perfect, but there's still much work to do. The WGLR usually runs in post war mode, so a private owner wagon isn't really appropriate. However, if anyone has got the current Railway Modeller, they might be able to guess where this is leading ;-) (Mel)

Another G1 running session yesterday - and some more loco portraits for those who like them. They are all normal G1 locos except the Japanese one, which is probably 1:22 or so and along with the Mercahant Navy is an Aster. The rest are either scratch built or by professional builders. My little Mona ran well - if somewhat speedily! NeilR

Nice coaches on this one!

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