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08 April Friday

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Pictures for Today

More progress on the private owner wagon from yesterday - It has now passed into BR ownership and received a quick coat of light grey together with it's BR data panels etc. However, it's previous ownership is starting to show through. You may also notice that one of the top planks has been replaced. Next step (as well as re-gauging) is the weathering. That will complete it's transformation from a swan to an ugly duckling (Mel)

Here is a bit of fun from Germany via the USofA. (JSJ)

EPCOT Garden Railway

In my defence (JohnR!) - I loved these coaches - although professionally built, they were handcrafted from wood, and made a change from the usual G1 etched brass stock. It is nice when people bring along stock to match their loco, and I have an obvious interest in wooden rolling stock. Ranks just as high as the loco with me, and the rake would take just as long to build :-)
The Sam Fay was built by Paul Forsyth BTW. (NeilR)

This arrived today, a Merlin Hunslet chassis fitted with Roundhouse cylinders and valve gear. Hopefully it shouldn't be too big a job to make a working loco from all the bits I have now.  James

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