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09 April Saturday

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Pictures for Today

Some Kiwi autumn logging to start the day...

...well it was the end of the H&MGR day but nice in the sun all the same. (JRinTawa)

Beautiful day today - shame I missed the morning (on nights). Attempted first run of my B&L loco this afternoon for nearly a year, following a rebuild and repaint. Ran OK but didn't steam very well (wicks?), but paintwork on boiler blistered when I let the water run low :-(
Still, for a loco more or less back from the dead, I can't really complain, and the rest of the paintwork is OK (NeilR)

The lonicera is growing fast now.

Final stage for the standard gauge Thomas truck. Fully weathered, but still with the original livery (just) peeping through. (Mel)


I've finally managed to get a full Harz train together. I picked these LGB coaches up at Stoneleigh but they were 32mm gauge and painted a weird purple colour so they've been regauged and repainted. I know the train doesn't really fit in with the rest of my stock but I've visited the Harz a few times so it's nice to have a reminder!
They've even got brake hoses that fit together. Dad and I spent all day on a two coach train travelling between Quedlinburg and Hasselfelde so the formation is historically accurate(ish). I just need one of the Regner 2.10.2's to complete the train!
Location for the new building (PB)
close up of it with the roof on(PB)

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