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13 April Wednesday

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Pictures for Today

Start here.
The new curve starting to take shape.  The new trees etc that were planted just a few weeks ago are stating to look more 'at home' now that spring has sprung!!  (TomB)
In the process of minor "improvements" of the second hand IP Engineering Simplex, fitting 4WD kit, new battery boxes and a quick rubdown before a repaint tonight in the H&MGR Workshops.  (JRinTawa)


Another video, maybe..... (NHN)
 Same video embedded by for Neil by JRinTaawa

A Busy Day on the Leodest & Larviane

Leader class 'Doona', finished at last! (NHN)


mark biffin,s new sections of railway - rake of wagons being hauled down the new section - still lots of details to finish
recent railbus (cheers mel :) ) sitting sitting on another section of new line
a bit further on and a huge passing loop - more to follow
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