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16 April Saturday

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Pictures for Today

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A welsh scene from my hols. (M Foster)
Simple Simplex roof framing almost done, just some sort of feet for mounting to the loco frame to go before fitting the corrugated iron (styrene) roof.  (JRinTawa)
Tapered reamer (PB)

Nice running today - Swilly and NCC trains. Beyer Peacock boiler patched up with a paintbrush - you don't notice all the defects when it's going. (NeilR)

 Took a trip all the way to the Leodest & Larivane today, first time this year, and following the relaying and signalling installation. Looks like some extra training will be in order for the signal and pointsman!
John Boyes Lady Anne and NHN's Leader get up close and personal, almost (GHW)
Of course had the volunteer signal/pointsman not drunk all that beer!

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