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18 April Monday

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Pictures for Today

More plants - and here 7/8ths Betty is in pre-op condition. (CB)

The Simplex now has a roof, and painting started.  (JRinTawa)


Lady Pamela and track cleaning wagon at rest today on the new headshunt at 'Moorswater' beneath the new footbridge (AK)


Complete apart from ballasting! The TPO ground apparatus and a short train bound for 'Sandplace' this afternoon. The coach is a Bachmann 'Claribel' conversion with detailed interior, new footboards, brake piping, and so on. (AK)

The latest project for the F&St.M taking shape over the past few days, the baseboard is four feet long, and I have had to lose four inches off the model to fit it on! From a floor plan in Hendrys Manx Northern Railway and further references from a patchwork of photos, plus what I can remember of the original Ramsey Station building. A canopy will run the length of the construction, busy cutting the decorative vanancing now. Updates as we go along
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