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20 April Wednesday

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Pictures for Today

Don sent me a link to part 1 of 3 of some rather nice YouTube footage from Stoneleigh that I though was well work sharing

16mm NGM National Garden Railway Show Part1

And then I found this three part one also  (JRinTawa)

Stoneleigh 2011 part 1

Southwold Railway society shop in Southwold had a small model of one of the Sharp Stewarts and a carriage in what appears to be 15 mm scale. Not sure if it's 16 mm although the track certainly looks like 45mm and the SR was 3 ft gauge. It's track-powered and shuttles back and forth. A jolly decent model.

The carriage model is also excellent. Both appear to be scratch built.

The shop has a mockup of the carriage side, doubled in length by a mirror.

All in all an interesting place, set in the very pretty town on the coast, also home to Adnams brewery if you like that sort of thing. If you  can make the trip, it's worth it. They are busy building a full-size replica of one of the locos and there is planning permission application for a station at Wenhaston. Four miles of the trackbed makes a decent walk from Blythburgh to Southwold, possible as a one-way walk by taking a little river ferry from Southwold up to Blythburgh.

Simplex painting complete except a dust spray maybe, but need to access in daylight first. (JRinTawa)

For fans of the late Peter Jones, the Compton Down Railway still sees the occasional running session courtesy of Peter's daughter Kes and friends. (Mel)

YouTube Video

My four completed IP bug boxes (James)

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