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21 April Thursday

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Pictures for Today

An idea I stole from Bram for making a folded tarpaulin maybe left on a loading dock, the bed of a lorry or in an empty wagon. Simply a plain cotton handkerchief, soaked in very dilute PVA, left to go stiff as a board, then painted (Nato black, dry brushed with dark grey). The lettering is supposed to be the tail end of "British Railways (W). (Mel)

Working on a model of Ballintogher (County Sligo) crossing for my broad gauge line. The posts will be 1/2 inch square timber, planning to soak all in Cuprinol before painting (hence my comments on preservative). The metalwork is a bit chunkier than I would like, but it's ground level, and will have pigeons, dogs, and maybe real sheep to contend with (NeilR).


The new Accucraft Caledonia on home ground....OMG it's nice! You'll see all the staff had a party to see her first run - plenty beer there (NHN)
On the way back to the shed..
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