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23 April Saturday

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Pictures for Today

7/8ths Betty enjoying the sunshine (CB)

Simplex under trial on the H&MGR (JRinTawa)

And other side 

And downhill over the level crossing.  Handles the 1:50 grade with ease now 4 wheel chain drive fitted.

Busy day (Good Friday) on the F&LSR.  Those IOM coaches just fit my 1950s BR theme nicely.  I like locos and coaches to match heightwise.  (Tom B)
Shunting the days stock, the fence will be hidden soon with the station walling and roof.
Work continues on the new HQ of the F&St.M, based on the now demolished station at Ramsey
Front View
Looking towards the buffer stops at the end of the line
Looking towards Kionslieu (GHW)
No model trains for me today but plenty of the real thing at Porthmadog on the Welsh Highland and Ffestiniog railways. Amongst the locos was this Mallet from Statfold.(James)
Also running were a couple of Garratts including NGG16 no. 138
and a couple of Double Fairlies making 3 types of articulated loco in one day.


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