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24 April Easter Sunday

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Pictures for Today

Yesterday, Rob Bushill of Swift Sixteen came to the SLR. Here is his Butterley Award winning diesel (CB)

And a French railcar which wouldn't quiter fit under the bridges

As near as I can get to a photo in Norman Jones IOM book, Ramsey Station in the early 60's. Service train waits at the platform, surplus stock on the bay platform road. I had to cheat and flip the image horizontally to get this to work.
Front view today, the rather bizarre chimney pots added and building in the position it will occupy when in use (GHW)

A sneeky peek of my latest project, another gauge 3 conversion of a Thomas The Tank Engine truck. This time it's a covered van (ex GWR bannana van - drawings thanks to Graham). Still at the primer stage. (Mel)


Not to Mr GHW's taste, but....I am a weak man, I succumbed!  Blue suits a Scottish engine in my mind.
Leodest & Larivane no. 15, 'Hibernia'.  the blue is a ot darker than the rendering of my camera has shown it, proper GER blue. (NHN)
Aaaargh (GHW)

For JR. Red Rods! (Bradypus)

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