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26 April Tuesday

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Pictures for Today

Start here.
This is a Cain Howley 'Lean-to' bought for £10 unpainted at Stoneleigh (M Foster)


And here it is again undercoated in black:
Now with the mortar painted:
And now fully painted:
More Welsh than Japanese but I couldn't resist.
 Yesterday, I was mainly painting 7/8ths scale Busybodies from Rob Bennett - they come with the face painted so I have to paint the rest. The entire Summerlands works are now besotted with Daisy, the new trainee driver who spends a lot more time polishing he buttons and nails than polishing the locos......(CB)

Another short video of a Lough Swilly train, plus a little bit of Schull and Skibbereen that I hope Mr Pajeiro will like (NeilR)

YouTube Video

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