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29 April Friday

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Pictures for Today

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I appreciate that for most that it is still yesterday, but I have taken the liberty of creating a new page to start a new day off with some live steam early morning photos taken on a beautiful day when the damp is still in the air and on the ground.
As I approached the road roundabout coming into Belgrave one could see the smoke listlessly hanging in the air over the yards and in the eucalypts. Oh what a joyous morning and all is good. (corgi)
This photo shows the train in the station but the locomotives are still in the yard.
This is a shot of the yards. Although only 6A can be seen there are two other locos behind the scenes. 8A and G42.
Here is 8A showing off its splendour.
6A arrives Lakeside and blows off some steam.
The timetable was running disasteriously so this was the only shot I was able to get of G42 as we crossed at Menzies Creek. (corgi)
Finished IOM "G" van built from the new I P kit(GHW)
All 3rd bogie coach No.1 detailed and decorated today (Mel)



You are invited to view Mike Cook's photo album: Crogga Valley Railway

Crogga Valley Railway

23 Apr 2011
by Mike Cook

A private 7 1/4" gauge railway on the Isle of Man. Note the partly completed scale K1 Garratt (the first of three).

Don't know if this will work (corgi).

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