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30 April Saturday

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Pictures for Today

Argyll nearly meets Caradoc on the DLR

Silhouette on the H&MGR (JRinTawa)

Here's another short clip from yesterday - Caradoc runs light through Benbril before David's video above. (JSJ)

Caradoc running light through Benbril

And from the depths of the H&MGR Workshop, side tanks for Manawanui (Lumber Jack) progressing well, this project is becominf quite riveting, hehe (JRinTawa)

My rivet press is very high tech.  A pin soldered into brass tube, then stepping up in several sizes of tube and square soldered up to give a good stiff mandrel held in drill press.  The bass plate is aluminum with 2mm dia dimples drilled at 5mm centres.  Strip wood stop is superglued on.  Will need to make up one or two other base plates for different runs of rivets but main thing is it works!

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