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04 April Monday

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Pictures for Today

Here is the vidao that David, Graham and I made on Friday - enjoy! (CB)

YouTube Video

Another vintage G1 loco I have been given - this time based on an LNER N7. Single cylinder internally meths fired - I suspect this loco is at least 40 years old. Don't know whether it should be restored and cosmetically improved or not? (NeilR) 


A couple of pics for JR (Doug):
and one for the shiny/satin/mat smokebox debate:

Something which caught my eye at Stoneleigh was the coalfired Earl on the DJB stand - that is until I saw the right-angled shovel you need to fire it. Quite a challenge I would say. £1,400 plus you supply the Earl, so around £2,500 for a RTR coal-fired Earl (JSJ)

Touch, hold... pause, engage (apologies for a rugby joke). This is the Member to Member stand. Great fun was had by all (well most) and some real bargains were had. I sold a Pearse Earl for £600, for example.

Who is this man and what is he trying to sell? Answers on a postcard please.

Here is the famous new loco. I would call it Roundhouse's new baby but I hardly think it's a baby. Rather chunky and very impressive. Interesting new coupling on the front buffer beam too. Looks like it's in a slot. (JSJ)

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