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04 April Weds

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Pictures for Today

I just came across this photo for Matt. It's how I bodged a bracket to use the Lawley's servo mounting holes for a smaller servo than the design intent. It ain't going anywhere but it's not pretty. I hope everyone can see it. Google have change the way Picasa uploads pictures now so I have to do them via Google+ apparently. (JSJ)

Servos seem the order of the day.  Slow learning curve fitting my first into Manawanui.
Reverser servo inside the side tank....

And this is roughly how it will look.  MkII version of arms required, tweaking angle but MkI did work after a fashion, so my MkIII I should be close to right (or MkIV).  Once perfected it will be blackened and then some sundry bush loco clutter will be placed around the front which should reduce the visual impact.  (JRinTawa)

A new span for the footbridge (AK)

A couple of gratuitous Ragley & Caradrig ("Molly", apparently) photos to make up for the car chatter! (Matt the snail)

And a gratutious loco pic from me to atone for the OT bit (bradypus nick)

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