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10 April Tuesday

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Pictures for Today


It's funny how, the minute you put an image up, you see all the faults of a model
you built having overlooked them in the flesh. The brake van needed tidying up, 
a tail lamp and, most of all, a set of brakes! All now sorted! (DP)
Footbridge, complete with replacement span and Unclimbable Fencing (AK)

Look away if you are faint hearted.....Kaitaki (Leader) in stripped down as RC fitting begins in the H&MGR Workshops.

Progress on 6 wheelers for my Metrovick to haul. These are from the Midland and Great Western Railway (of Ireland!). The brake is a bit different, with a central guards section with birdcage lookout and straight sides. Not really looking forward to applying the panelling.(NeilR)

All third

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