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21 April Saturday

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Pictures for Today

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Late afternoon/evening steam up on the H&MGR.  At f3.5 at 1/10 sec on 800 ASA setting will give you how dim it was getting.  Fun though.   (JRinTawa)

Progress on broad gauge 6 wheelers

The axleboxes, W irons and springing will be these cast resin dummies - with internal frames for the  2 inch diameter Mansell pattern wheels - the little bit at the back is the sprung damper casting. The coach ventilators will also be resin castings (NeilR)

And finally a video from a friends 32mm gauge line - all I did was edit the video as I was working on the day :-(
Double headed T&D Hunslets - the leading loco is Mr Pajeiro's - looks great, shame about the gauge though :-)

YouTube Video

As JR has posted some shots of his Leader, thought I may do the same as i have nothing new to offer! (NHN)
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