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22 April Monday

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Pictures for Today

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Underneath Railcar 1. Trying to copy the prototype, the two 12v motors drive each bogie through a cardan shaft and bevel gears. The universal joints are made for model boats - the shaft between them has two square sections from K&S with one sliding inside the other to allow for movement. It would have been a lot easier to have mounted the motors and gearboxes on the bogie, especially as most of this will not really be visible! As you can probably guess I had a lot of advice from JC on this. (NeilR) 


The roof mounted radiator - the 'satellite' bits are home made resin castings, the big bit in the centre turned from brass. Note Cambrian rivets - or at least castings of them :-). The cooling pipes are threaded steel rod. (NeilR)
First 'revenue-earning' train running anti-clockwise round the loop this morning! (AK)
The Americans clear the loop successfully this morning (AK)
 Alterations on the F&St.M, the garden shed has been moved, making a new site for Archallagan (Peel Road) station neccessary
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