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April 27 Saturday

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Pictures for Today

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John Campbells Donegal Class 4 live steam loco in 15mm scale - a lovely big handsome loco I reckon (NeilR)

Finished bogies for my NCC railcar - 4 different resin castings are used to 'decorate' the mostly 1/16th brass body, the bogie sides, spring dampers and L/H and R/H brakes. The drive shaft is visible in the lower picture. I believe the design is similar to standard LMS coach bogies of the time - the central springing is quite interesting, I believe they gave a good ride(NeilR)

Manawanui in steam today on the H&MGR  (JRinTawa)

And from the lens of the iPhone, which is not up to Chris's standard, but it does record the fun.

Manawanui on an Autumn Evening

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