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04 April Friday

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Pictures for Today

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The colour film has aged slightly in this shot taken by a visitor to the Ardnacraish Light Railway in the early 1960's,
as the railway began it's life in preservation. Looking down from the Bankhead tunnel, the photographer has tried
for a "train in the landscape" approach, as the little O&K diesel "Len" grinds up the gradient:                                                                                                                           (John Roach)

From the H&MGR Workshops.  Firstly part way through mounting the saw table.  (JRinTawa)

Second the drums and belts driving the saw table  travel winch (I think thats what it might be called.)  The sawyer would be standing on the same side as the camera.

Third, from the reverse side.  The drum, without a belt on, on the shaft carrying the bottom saw will be run off the main drive drum when that is mounted.  There will be a second top saw but that get mounted off the sawmill support poles.
I taken a few liberties (modeller license) but its more or less anatomically correct.

Higgins Park Sawmill for comparison, my model is a mirror image though.  The rest of the drums and drive belts go in when it's mounted on the base.

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