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05 April Saturday

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Saturday and time for a chat on the H&MGR.

The ladies to have time to enjoy the sun as they take a breather in getting ready for Sunday mass.  

The Simplex driver is a picture of concentration when he is mobile again though. (JRinTawa)

New diesel under test on the WGLR this afternoon with it's replacement Strikalite battery pack. The Playmobil RC is about as good as you would expect, but it'll do for now. Haulage certainly does not seem to be a problem with plenty of added weight and 2 traction tyres - 5 Accucraft 4 wheelers and an IP brakevan certainly proved to be no problem for 1/2 hour with no sign of deterioration from the batteries. (Mel)

I started building my new sawmill for the outdoor layout.  My plan is do making something similar to the sawmill on the micro layout.  The current sawmill on the outdoor layout never looked good in pictures and didn't fit in with the rest of my structures.  (Shawn)
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