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14 April Monday

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Pictures for Today

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Scenes from Peterborough:                                                            (John Roach)

The assembled multitudes waiting for the doors to open:

Two scenes on "Rhydypenderhyn":

Lovely scenic modelling on "Timpdon Lakes":

Trackside at "Old Kew":

I'm sure Mel was drooling over this lovely Gauge 3 layout:

Gauge 3 streamlined "Duchess" - yours for £5,495:

We had some difficulties with the loco during filming at Davids - so much so that I thought that the very few clips would end up in the bin. Thanks to half speed playback, they have made an atmospheric little film. The loco is currently on my bench! (CB)

I had to work the weekend and missed out on the warm days.  But I did get out today in the warm but windy day.  Rain tomorrow and Snow in forecast tomorrow night. I took the Shay out to do some logging.

Part of our display at Peterborough (ghw)

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