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19 April Saturday

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Pictures for Today

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Another snap from yesterday - this time with 7/8ths Betty hauling the GP wagons. I was playing with the 'burst' mode on the camera with a fast shutter speed - so I have a lot of pictures!! (CB)

And here is a slightly steamier one!

The GQT's refurbished 2' gauge quarryman's coach is shunted out of the carriage and wagon works at Cockshutt ready for delivery to Gooey. It's diminutive size is illustrated by works foreman Mr Trantor, although it is still too tall to clear the standard gauge over bridge leading to the canal wharf. The coach kit is from Brandbright and was purchased exactly a week ago from the Peterboro show. (Mel)
On the way to the cattle mart. Next to "Peveril" is former manx Northern cleminson N41, then four "K" cattle vans. The train is completed by E van E7 (ghw)

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