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26 April Saturday

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Pictures for Today

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Test fitting on the H&MGR of the partly completed sawmill after adjustments to the sawmill siding.  The track on the right will be laid at 32mm gauge, 2'6" at 1:24 scale and not connected to the loop as it appears, it being a sort of service track that moves logs from the unloading skids to the breaking down saw skids.  The bit of track curving into the foreground will also be 32mm.  Now imagine dual gauge down the sawmill siding the log bogies are on and a trolley of sawn timber can be pulled out of the mill on the 32mm gauge track onto a sort of backshunt then pushed via a turnout onto the dual gauge to be stacked on drying racks to the left of the sawmill siding.  Hmm well I can see it in my imagination!  (JRinTawa)

A view from where operators usually stand at Kakariki station…

…and if you move to the left you can look right into the mill, hence the need for detail!  You really can get this close and it is pretty much right at eye level.

A short video of my little old Mamod SL1 trundling around the South Devon Garden Rail Group layout on the Steam Gala weekend just gone. 19.4.14 (Mark Pengelley)

Mamod SL1 at the SDGRG

Today we have been mostly tinkering with our new railcar

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