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8 April Tuesday

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Pictures for Today

I made more progress on the Sawmill.  Hmmmm Johns saw would look really nice inside ;-)  (Shawn)
Im also getting close to being done with one of my 4 wheeled coaches.  The kits are a lot of fun to put together.  I did break backwoods rules and went with a different color then usually found in the backwoods.  The picture is how the kit comes and the nearly finished coach in background.  Only two more to go. (Shawn)

I do no have a sawmill so must buy in my lumber in wrapped stacks  (Ian Galbraith

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Hello, all  Jim Coplan here. I'm a new member -- still learning how to navigate around, so pardon my errors. I think I've put this in the right place. This is my conversion of an Accucraft 7/8 Emma into a Portland (Maine) Forney. Eric Schade has been a huge help: he provided the plans, the machined parts (truck, and wishbone underframe), and lots of hand-holding as I have worked my way up the learning curve. Now that I seem to have mastered the ability to post here, I will share some of the methods I used to solve a few challenges on this project. This is my first stab at a locomotive conversion. Up to now I've mainly worked in wood, stone, and plastic, on lineside structures.
Jim Coplan
Ardmore, PA USA

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