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14 August 2011

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Pictures for Today

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Amazing day in sunny Tawa - it snowed!  Was rather wet snow, and being late in the day I didn't run a train, but it was pretty.

Mind you big trains did run!   (JRinTawa)

Ian Galbraith
Snow started falling at 6:05pm today
This photo taken at 6:32pm
And this one at 7:22pm  No trains ran today.
Still snowing at 10:57pm  0C at present

Some projects have made it off the workbench:                                                                                    (John T'other)

The line's first home-brewed piece of freight stock - a 2-plank sand wagon on a Hartland chassis

And a Modeltown platelayers hut has appeared near the west portal of Bankhead tunnel

Boiler trucks (trollies) ex-works on the Caradon Branch today (Alec K)

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